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If you were thinking about writing a book this time last year and you haven’t done anything about it yet, then I want to rattle your cage and ask you how you will feel this time next year if you are still in the same position.

I was reading a post by the wonderful author of “Wait But Why” Tim Urban, and I felt compelled to post the sentence above .

True to form, Urban completely nailed it when he said  – “this is a post about path-making. Let’s take a 30-minute pre-deathbed pause to look down at the path we’re on, and ahead at where that path seems to be going, and make sure it makes sense.” For the record, mine does NOW. But several years ago it was a bit like the drawing above. This is just one of Urban’s great “stop you in your tracks” drawings that proves the point that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Does sentence I started with, and/or the drawing above it cause you any pain? Getting a move on and writing your book will shift that for sure.


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