Jill Healy-Quintard

Jill Healy Quintard is a multi-award winning identity in the fitness industry in Australia. She worked with Jane to write, publish and promote her first book called “Yoga Pilates Fusion”, and is currently working with Jane on her second book which is a memoir┬ácalled “Open the Gate: Move into a life of infinite possibilities”. You can hear Jill talking about her experience of working with Jane here.

Joel Annesley

Joel Annesley came to Jane with the view to writing a book to launch his coaching practice. Joel worked closely with Jane to get his book “Quietly Confident: Breaking up with shyness” written, and then used her publishing and promotional services with the aim of transitioning from being an office-based employee, to launching a business off the back of his book. These days Joel runs his own company called Quietly Successful which specialises in helping people to overcome anxiety. You can hear what Joel has to say here.

Rebecca Mowbrey

Rebekah Mowbrey came to Jane with the draft of her book “The Shattered Facade” already written. She took advantage of Jane’s editing, publishing, and promotional services. You can hear Rebecca talking about her book at one of Jane’s Author Showcase events that she runs at the State Library of NSW to promote her authors and their books here.

April Balestero

April Balestero is a leadership expert and the founder of One Light Ahead, a coaching agency that helps business leaders to shine at their brightest. April came to Jane with the idea of writing a book to build her business and credits Jane as being a foundational player in the success of her book. You can hear what April has to say here.

Shannon Chin

Shannon Chin is a cognitive coach who runs a company called Fit Minds Australia. She came to Jane with the idea of writing a book to build her authority and her business around, and took the whole journey of writing, publishing and promoting her book called “Demystifying Dementia” with Jane. You can hear Shannon talking about her experience here.

Michelle Sleight

Michelle Sleight was already a published author when she approached Jane. She was frustrated that her book “Insight: Up close and person profile of sexual assault” didn’t create the kind of impact she hoped it would have. She signed up to work with Jane to promote her book through free publicity and speaking opportunities. You can hear her talking about her book and her mission at one of Jane’s Author Showcase events here.