About Jane Turner

Jane Turner is a gifted speaker, sought-after business consultant, and Certified Master Coach

As well as being the author of Thrive in Midlife, Weight Loss in Midlife, Mindset for Authors:How to get out of procrastination, perfectionism and self-doubt, and Mindset for Business:The Art and Science of Sound Decisions,  Jane is the person behind the Power Writing Program, the Power Publicity Program, the Power Writers Publishing Group, and the Book to Business Academy.

Jane is an expert at leveraging published author status to build the profiles of her authors. In her own case, she used her Midlife books to broker air time on television, radio, and in major newspapers and magazines in Australia including the Australian Women’s Weekly, Prevention Magazine, and Wellbeing Magazine.

Jane’s speaking career was launched  in 2017 when she was invited to speak at the Womens Economic Forum in New Delhi because one of the organisers has read her book Thrive in Midlife and felt her story was ideally suited to the audience.

One of Jane's TV appearances

Jane Turner shares her Journey with Jo Stanley on The House of Wellness.

Womens Economic Forum 2017

Jane Turner’s plenary session at the Womens Economic Forum in India.

Jane on Stage

No stage is too big or too small. Jane has spoken at the 2,000 strong international gathering of The Womens Economic Forum in New Delhi in 2017, right down to mastermind groups of 10.

Jane’s signature topics are listed below. These can be tailored for any audience.

In the Media

Jane leveraged the power of published author status to get a range of media coverage including appearing on the Today Extra TV program in Australia, Wellbeing Magazine, Prevention Magazine, The Australian Women’s Weekly, ABC radio, The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper and more. Her Power Publicity Program opens up the opportunity for her clients to get the same kinds of results for themselves.

Speaking Topics

Creating The Conditions
For Success

Jane Turner holds Master Coaching qualifications through the Behavioural Coaching Institute, and specialises in taking her clients from where they are now to where they want to be by training them in creating the ideal conditions for success. She uses the fundamentals of mindset management to tailor speeches on this topic around the particular agendas of the organisations that hire her. She is motivational, passionate, and a connector of people with their higher selves.

The Hero’s

Jane Turner uses the Hero’s Journey framework provided by Joseph Campbell’s classic “Hero of a Thousand Faces” to coach her clients in resilience, resourcefulness, and perspective shifting. She tailors her inspirational interactive speeches around the Hero’s Journey to suit the occasion.

The Five Pillars To
Writing Success

Jane Turner designed the Five Pillars of her Power Writing Program to enable her clients to overcome the five main barriers first-time and sometimes even seasoned authors are likely to encounter.

Jane’s sessions are inspirational, practical, and a lot of fun. They can be tailored to suit any groups whether their focus is on writing for blogs, books, speeches, articles, media releases, or pitches to high end publishing houses or movie producers.

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Featured In

  • “Jane’s story of turning adversity into becoming a successful entrepreneur is an inspiration, and she has a tremendously engaging manner with a live audience. She is personable and approachable as well as so willing to help and share her experiences and insights with those around her. The Elevatory is so thankful to have crossed paths with her.”

    - Anna Jonak

    Founder of The Elevatory
  • “Jane Turner is an authentic, honest and engaging speaker. She had the audience’s attention from the moment she stepped on the stage. She is able to weave her experiences & stories into her delivery and provides real life examples so the audience can relate to the content. She is natural and casual whilst at the same time professional.”

    - Nikki Lane

    Director Wellness Hubs Australia
  • Jane's insight got me 'out there' by unlocking my creativity and confidence.

    “Any  professional writer in drama or comedy, fact or fiction understand that a lurking saboteur is the grudging meed for approval. Speaking this issues out to a trained ear like Jane’s, is the best way forward to find the courage and discipline to be an authentic voice. For a log time nothing was ever ready to be shown to a critical public. Jane’s insights got me ‘out there’ by unlocking my creativity and confidence.”

    - David O’Brien

    Writer and film Maker
  • Working with Jane was a game changer for me.

    “She allowed me to find my creativity in a very powerful and supportive way. She is deeply creative and has so much experience that I felt totally safe, empowered and inspired. I feel truly blessed for having the creativity opening experiences that Jane enabled me to have, that have seen me go on to have a thriving business where I write in an authentic way.”

    - Gaby Gogarty

    Natural Therapist
  • “I had often thought about writing a book to gain more credibility and authority in the crowded fitness market, but I was completely overwhelmed about where to start, and how to get my ideas on to the page. The whole thing sat in the too hard basket for years. Meanwhile I could see that I had a hungry crowd out there, so with Jane’s book writing program I broke down all of the barriers and I’m now proud to say that I’ve just submitted the first draft of my new book for editing. I’m now blogging like a pro as well. I’ll never look back.”

    - Ward Swadling

    Personal Trainer

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