One Thing Leads To Another


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Less than 3 years ago I launched my first book. I was a hoping to use it to build my credibility and authority as a coach, but it has done so much more than that.

Not only have I had loads of free publicity, last year I wound up speaking on an international stage the the Womens Economic Forum in India.

Thanks to that experience and my status as an author, I’m now on the books of a boutique speaker agency called “Inspiring Rare Birds”. The picture above is a screenshot of the page of their website that I’m on.

I’m really thrilled about this development because I’m now able to get the exposure that speaking in forums beyond the ‘local’ level opportunities such as MeetUp groups offer, and what’s more I’m now well paid for my speaking.

What excites me most about this development though, is that I have another contact that I can refer my clients to.

Basically I make everything that I know available to my clients, because these days I’m not just about helping people to write books. My program is designed to use the book that you write as a massive business building tool. Many people who write books don’t know what to do next, so I’ve bundled all of my learnings into my program to make sure that anyone who is working with me is not one of those people.

Shoot me a message if you’d like to have a quick chat about what’s included in my programs these days, or you might like to book in for my next introductory event by copying and pasting this URL into your browser

Let’s keep the ripple effect of one thing leading to another going strong.

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