A compelling four to six month program where you will clarify your purpose, write your book, and leverage the power of being a published author to built your profile as an expert.

By the end of the Power Writing Program you will have a completed and professionally published book. This program includes a full day one-on-one consultation with Jane, four deep dive Power Writing Weekends, the Power Publishing Program, and more.

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What You Get

Introductory Workshop

Power Writing

Power Publishing Program

  • A completed book through the Power Writing Program
  • An initial one on one strategy session with Jane
  • Four – 2 day deep dive intensive writing sessions at the State Library of NSW where you will –
  • Do the work of completing your book in a supportive environment.
  • Use the 5 pillars of the Power Writing Program to help you complete your book
  • Work with Jane to develop your own feedback and accountability system, and
  • Embed a set of personalised mindset and energy management strategies.
  • Access to the Power Publishing Program, including –
  • Basic editing
  • Professional layout for an eBook and print version
  • Back, front, and eBook cover
  • Bar code and ISBN number
  • Printed copies of your book
  • Potential for add ons such as distribution

Writing Reviews...

  • “Jane’s story of turning adversity into becoming a successful entrepreneur is an inspiration, and she has a tremendously engaging manner with a live audience. She is personable and approachable as well as so willing to help and share her experiences and insights with those around her. We feel so thankful to have crossed paths with her.”

    - Florencia Pike

    Director Business School for Mums
  • “Jane Turner is an authentic, honest and engaging speaker. She had the audience’s attention from the moment she stepped on the stage. She is able to weave her experiences & stories into her delivery and provides real life examples so the audience can relate to the content. She is natural and casual whilst at the same time professional.”

    - Nikki Lane

    Director Wellness Hubs Australia
  • Jane's insight got me 'out there' by unlocking my creativity and confidence.

    “Any  professional writer in drama or comedy, fact or fiction understand that a lurking saboteur is the grudging meed for approval. Speaking this issues out to a trained ear like Jane’s, is the best way forward to find the courage and discipline to be an authentic voice. For a log time nothing was ever ready to be shown to a critical public. Jane’s insights got me ‘out there’ by unlocking my creativity and confidence.”

    - David O’Brien

    Writer and film Maker
  • Working with Jane was a game changer for me.

    “She allowed me to find my creativity in a very powerful and supportive way. She is deeply creative and has so much experience that I felt totally safe, empowered and inspired. I feel truly blessed for having the creativity opening experiences that Jane enabled me to have, that have seen me go on to have a thriving business where I write in an authentic way.”

    - Gaby Gogarty

    Natural Therapist
  • “I had often thought about writing a book to gain more credibility and authority in the crowded fitness market, but I was completely overwhelmed about where to start, and how to get my ideas on to the page. The whole thing sat in the too hard basket for years. Meanwhile I could see that I had a hungry crowd out there, so with Jane’s book writing program I broke down all of the barriers and I’m now proud to say that I’ve just submitted the first draft of my new book for editing. I’m now blogging like a pro as well. I’ll never look back.”

    - Ward Swadling

    Personal Trainer

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Learn How You Can Create, Write & Market Your Very Own Book.
My Master Writer Program will help you write a market penetrating book to…

Gain instant credibility
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Boost your visibility online

Strengthen your
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Attract high paying clients
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